Fire Claims

What Should You Do if You Think You May Have Fire Claims?

Fire is a serious concern. It can take out entire buildings in the right scenario. However, in some cases, the firefighters are able to control the blaze quickly enough that the damage is only minor and the property can be salvaged. If you have dealt with a fire and have fire claims with insurance, what should you do?


  • Resolve the Emergency - Before you do anything else, make sure the emergency is under control. Get out of the building and follow all instructions from the firefighting team. Do not attempt to enter the building until you get the all-clear from an expert.

  • Take Care of Yourself - Additionally, make sure you don’t have any medical issues that need to be attended to. These can become an insurance issue too.

  • Document - Document everything having to do with the fire if possible. If you have fire or water damage claims, the insurance company is going to want to know everything they can about the potential cause of the fire and what happened during the emergency process.

  • Do an Inventory - Take a look at anything that may have been damaged or ruined during the event. This can be important when dealing with things that burned or if you have water damage claims that may have occurred as the fire was being put out.

  • Remain Vigilant - Follow up on any questions the insurance company has. You may also need to be proactive in some cases to find out if there is anything else you can do to help the case.


Remember, when you are dealing with an insurance adjuster that was sent by the insurance company, they represent the needs of the insurer, not you. Let A Quest for Public Adjusters help you through the process and make certain you have someone on your side too. This can help you get the best results possible.