A QUEST for Public Adjusters

    A QUEST for Public Adjusters has been in business since 2010.  It was out of their own frustration with their personal claims experiences that the founder of A QUEST for Public Adjusters realized the tremendous need for Public Adjusting services, in El Paso.  We are licensed in the State of Texas and New Mexico. 
    It became very apparent that the scales were tipped in favor of the insurance companies.  Like most insureds, we were once uninformed and felt helpless with nowhere to turn.  As we progressed through the claims process, we quickly learned that we didn't have the knowledge required to properly handle our own claim.  WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW CAN HURT YOU!


Public Adjuster

    It is the Adjuster's duty to interview, inspect, photograph and document the loss.  The problem arises when the insured have little or no actual experience in construction or what it takes to demolish or restore a property back to pre-loss condition.  The lack of knowledge can further complicate the claims process.  What complicates matters more is the interpretation of the insured’s policy.  The insured is expected to understand their policy and comply with all of the requirements.  The problem is that the average person is not going to understand their policy,as it is not made to be easily interpreted.  When Adjusters are questioned on why certain things are not covered, they usually will recite something straight from the policy or their internal procedures and send a copy of this in a form of a letter via US mail.  This is done to document their portion of the claim and protect the insurance’s interest. 



    Most people will just plain give up and not fight for their rights.  Most people fear; having their insurance dropped, that their premiums will increase and feel that they just do not have a choice other than to give up.  Most people do not know that they have options and that there is an advocate who will work on their behalf.  Those advocates are Public Adjusters.


    Public Adjusters assist the insured with the claims process, as well as those people whose claims have been denied, or whose settlement is less than it should be.  Public Adjusters prepare claims by photographing, measuring, and documenting damages in order to prove a claim.  The ordinary individual doesn't always understand what is required of a thorough claims process, sometimes leaving claims incomplete.


    A QUEST for Public Adjusters was founded to help settle claims for those who are most vulnerable.  We have a passion for giving a voice to those who would otherwise suffer in silence. 


    QUEST helps protect their clients by assisting with the screening of contractors, working closely with the insured's contractor so that they understand what is required per International codes, manufacturers specifications and what the insurance company will need to prove that damage was repaired or items replaced. We work with the City Building Inspectors regarding building codes, and are licensed by the state of Texas Department of Insurance & State of New Mexico Department of Insurance. A QUEST for Public Adjusters are the Insured’s Advocate and work exclusively for the insured only.  They work hard to get what you are entitled to, under your policy coverage, and to assist in the process of a thorough insurance claim.  Their services include:


  • Assisting the property owners with insurance claims.

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of an insurance policy.

  • Assisting with compliance of policy’s requirements. 

  • Analyze all adjuster's estimates and compare to existing covered damages. 

  • Detail and substantiate all damages to structure or contents as well as preparing a list and price. 


    IF you DON'T want your representative to be working BOTH SIDES then CHOOSE those who advocates for YOU and who will fight for YOUR RIGHTS!!
 CHOOSE A QUEST for Public Adjusters TODAY!! For more information, please call us at 1(800)517-8006, or email us at questadj@deniedhelp.com or questadjust@gmail.com